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NYCO®transmission flat belts' structure consists of friction covers made of special synthetic rubber with high resistance to abrasion or chrome leather; nylon core layer of high tensile strength. Such structure enables the belt to have excellent comprehensive properties: 

--Long service life; 
--Transmission efficiency: over 98%; 
--Transmission speed: over 60m/s; 
--Good flexibility and directionality; 
--Good dimensional stability; 
--Constant friction coefficient. 
Table 2.1 shows belt types and their technical data.

LT Series: Belts of one-side drive with chrome-leather surface layer designed for over-loaded and taper cone drives and drives with belt shifters in the machines such as crushers, paper-making and building machines, and blow-room machines in textile industry, etc. 

LL Series: Belts of double drive with two chrome-leather surface layers suitable not only for the application areas where LT series of belts are used due to the fact that they have the same features but also for multiple and cross drives. 

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